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Citizens Charter

The Local Government Unit with its full thrust and mandate will serve you from Monday to Friday, except legal holidays from 8:00 morning to 5:00 in the afternoon with no lunch break, in all offices and sections. The men and women of the LGU serve in accordance to its:


We envision a self sustaining and ecologically balanced Palompon.


To ensure quality of life for the people of Palompon.

Performance Pledge

We, the officials and employees of the Local Government Unit of Palompon pledge and commit to deliver reliable and quality public service as promised in the LGU Charter. 

Especially, we will;

*  Serve our Constituents efficiently and effectively

*  Devote loyal and honest public service

*  Be diligent service to all

*  Perform duties and responsiblities religiously

*  Meet the needs and expectations of our guests

*  Pursue the goal of promoting Palompon as the preferred Eco-Tourism Destination

*  Utilize available resources optimally

*  Work collaboratively with co-workers and superiors

*  Realize the five-year development plan of the LGU


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Site Content

When A Mayor Becomes A Teacher

  • The idea of traveling twice a week from Palompon, Leyte to Manila just to give lectures in good governance with all the newly elected Local Chief Executives (LCEs), is just one of the many expectations from a dynamic mayor - Mayor Ramon Oñate.  Click on the icon picture to view the article and to know more about the mayor's talent in sharing knowledge and his wit and dynamism.

National High-School Gears up for Serior-High

  • A good educational system is one of the crowning and firm stand of the LGU-Palompon in the development of its people. To withstand and rise above the human competitiveness, our local school's educational program have to cope and meet the Department of Education's call for a global educational system.  Click on the icon picture to view the article and to know more about the support of Palompon's LGU in shaping the future of the youth, through competent Educational System.

Schools Commend "Iskolar sa Munisipyo "

  • One of the outstanding and continuing programs of Palompon Local Government Unit (LGU) is the granting of  scholarship to poor but deserving High School and College students in the Municipality. The local government believes that with this grant, the quality of life of the people, will be greatly uplifted through education.  Click on the icon picture to view the article and to know more about this scholarship grants, through the outstanding initiative and support of the Palompon LGU. 

A Brand-New Experience - Encounter with Nature

  • Just as the 2017 Year of the Fire Rooster has started, a new fun and exciting adventure awaits tourists and nature lovers, for a treat by join in the " Adlaw sa Danggit " or Saganid Day Package Tour Program with hands-on experience in fisihing small quantities of Danggit, while keeping observance of preserving and protecting the aquatic resources in Palompon.  Click on the icon picture to view the article and to know more about this exciting tour. 

BPLS " at Your Service " Municipal Treasurer's Office

  • Year 2016 has given the Business Permits and Licensing Office the task of creating a promising business atmosphere. It allows the compliance and processing of business permits in shortest period of time as a true commitment, stipulated in the Citizen's Charter Guide. Click on the icon picture to view the article and to know more about the enhanced services that this department is offering to the community in expediting business licenses and permits as required by the respective government agencies  

The Continued Legacy In Building Our Future

  • Under the Annual Investment Program of Year 2016, the infrastructure projects of the Administration continued to gain success through its collaboration with the National Government Agencies, Provincial Government of Leyte and with various  international agencies who assisted in financing the programs, projects and activities (PPAs).  Click on the icon picture to view the article and to know more about the current infrastructure projects and future plans undertaken by the Local Government, in Palompon.

CLAD - "Climate - Adaptive and Disaster - Resilient Municipality" Award

  • On November 25, 2016 Palompon earned the coveted CLAD Award from the National Climate Commission and the office of Senator Roren Legarda in an awarding ceremony in Manila, for Palompon's outstanding contribution to Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risks Reduction (CCA-DRR) of its municipality. Click on the icon picture to view the article and read more details of the prestigious CLAD Award, won by the Municipality of Palompon.

Hall of Fame Award - for "Best Tourism Oriented LGU"

  •  The Municipality of Palompon had won the prestigious " Hall of Fame Award"  for Best Tourism Oriented LGU at the 17th National Convention of the Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines under the Department of Tourism (ATOP-DOT). Award was given, recognizing Palompon for continuously winning this title since 2014 through the able leadership of its executive Mayor Ramon Onate. Click on the icon picture to view the article and to know more details of this prestigious and coveted award. 

M.M.K. - "Malinis at Masaganang Karagatan" Award

  • Award won by the Municipality of Palompon in 2016 for its highest competence in Coastal Resource Management (CRM) and its successful resolve to fight illegal fishing practices; its implementation of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR)'s advocacy of empowering local fisherman in the Preservation, Conservation, Protection and Management of Marine and Aquatic Resources. Click on the icon picture to view the article and read more details of the M.M.K. Award and the program.

Partner for Safety and Security

  • A DepEd & LGU partnership toward effecient, quick respond and disaster risk reduction at an early age had became the operational concept of the Local Government of Palompon, Leyte when it decided to go into full battle-mode, to equipt the municipality against the threat brougth about by climate change.  Click on the icon picture to view the article and to know more of the details of the program. 

The " Lawig " Festival 2016

  • Lawig Festival encapsulates how religious and cultural traditions of people are woven into its fiber of existence. It symbolizes the journey through life in a Visayan dialect of  "pag lawig" or translated as "to travel" which is a tradition that many Palomponganons have to journey away from home in search for a greener pasture and better livelihood. Click on the icon picture to view the article and to know more about the exciting events and social activities to enjoy, during this period.

Fiesta Celebrations 2016

  • Fiesta is a very popular celebration in the Philippines which is a religious event. Yet, it had evolved into a multi-sectoral  and socio-cultural activity participated by the local community, attracting visitors who want to see, participate, fulfill personal promise or simply, to enjoy the festive atmosphere. Click on the icon picture to view the article  and know more about the social and cultural events traditionally practiced by the local folks during the Town Fiesta in Palompon, as well as, in the Sitios and Barangays in the Municipality. 

On Air...Radio Kausbawan 103.1 Mghz Ato Ni!

  • While mass  media communication are facilited through television and various social network systems, the good old Radio Set, is still trendy in Palompon . " Radio Kausbawan "  dialed in 103.1 Megahertz FM, is a non-commercial radio station that went " Live On Air " on March 11, 2015. It is broadcasting from its Studio at the Palompon Institute of Technology school campus. Click on the icon picture to read more about "Radio Kausbawan ", its award winning social and  Livelihood Programs on air, the people behind the project and the voices of personalities that perk-up the airwaves over Palompon

Social Welfare Services

  • Based on the 2015 Census, Palompon has a population of 58,108 of which,Thirty Percent ( 30% ) belongs to the Indigent Group. The Local Government ensures, that  programs and services will be implemented to target this particular group of clientiles in the society. In Palompon, age has never diminished the eagerness of the Elderlies, in joining community related social activities. Click on the icon picture to read more about the humanitarian activites and enhanced services by the LGU, schools and by the diffeent civil organizations in Palompon.

The COOP Trends:Then and Now - PACCI

  • Cooperatives have played a large partin in ensuring the financial security of the Filipinos around the country, giving them material assistance essential to their survival.It's collective goal is to acheive inclusive growth, partner in alleviating povery and to significantly enhance the quality of life of its members. Cooperatives are recognized by the government as another effective tool for economic development. PACCI or Palompon Association of Credit Cooperatives Incorporated started from its humble beginnings in 1975.

PNDCC, a Teacher Cooperative

  • Upon the issuance of a Department of Education Order No.1999 encouraging all institutions to organize a teachers cooperative, the Palompon North District Credit Cooperative was formed under the able leadership of its former District Supervisor - Mr. Manuel B. Viacrucis, was registered and recognized by the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) in March 2000. Click on the picture to know more on the cooperative's out-reach  programs, social activities and teachers' credit financial assistance acheivements. 

The Project L.I.G.H.T.

  • L.I.G.H.T. or Livelihood Integration of Government through Holistic Transformation is a project of the Palompon Municipality to answer the call for an anti-drug abuse intervention by its Local Government Unit (LGU), designed to assist drug dependent individuals in the community, to the " Road of Soberity ". The program has a set or series of  holistic activities, to support the aftercare treatment of former drug dependents and their families, in order to strengthen rehabilitation and their reintegration into the community. Click on the picture icon to know more of its holistic program.

The Collapse of Illigal Drugs Sydicate

  • July 1, 2016 marks the day when the newly elected President, Rodrigo Roa Duterte took office as the 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines and as he promised during the campaign, that he would bring change to the entire nation and will eradicate illigal drugs. On that day, change was felt in Palompon Police Station as hundreds of drug users and drug traffickers voluntarity surrendered in a sudden shift of momentum in hunting and tracking drug users in the community. Read more about law and order status of Palompon, by clicking on the picture icon 

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